You can change Dania Beach.

I can Help.

Together, we will make a difference.

My Top interests and initiatives that I will focus on should I be Elected to Office

Why I Am Standing for Election to Be Your Dania Beach City Commissioner

With your support during mail-in voting, early voting and on November 8, you can help me be elected to serve as your representative on the Dania Beach City Commission.

I am passionate about our city and what it is and can become –– a home to a variety of residents, a place to thrive for large and small businesses, and a welcoming community to visitors.

I understand where Dania Beach is now, and I have a vision for where we can be in the future. We are a city in transition – bridging the past with the future. I believe that I can provide a steady hand while working with other commissioners to guide our city forward.

With your support, I will:
• Slow down development when and where we can and require new developments to complement our city and reflect its ocean and small-town character.
• Support financially responsible and effective city services and programs.
• Address congestion on Federal Highway and cut-through speeding traffic in our neighborhoods
• Work to solve flooding problems in affected neighborhoods.
• Make sure our beautiful beach is cleaned every single day to make it welcoming to residents and guests.
• Help all neighborhoods with park upgrades and street improvements.

As a 22-year Dania Beach resident, I have raised a family, made friends, built a successful business, and been involved in our community. I am connected to Dania Beach and positively believe in its future.

With your support in the November 8 election, I will work hard to serve you, your family, your neighborhood, and our city.

Local Involvement

I encourage anyone to volunteer your time towards local initiatives, city boards and organizations.

Some of my current and recent city volunteer work include:

– Current Vice Chairman of the Dania Beach Housing Authority

– Current Board Member of the Dania Beach Chamber of Commerce

– Current Member of the Dania Beach Lions Club

– Current Member of the Dania Beach Employee Pension Board

– Lifetime member of the Dania Beach Library

– Past Member of the Dania Beach Airport Advisory Board

– Past President of the Dania Beach Creative Art Council

– Past Member of the Dania Beach Charter Review Board

Messages from supporters:


Did you know?

There are two (2) seats available for the Dania Beach City Commission and you can vote for TWO City Commissioner Candidates. I would be honored and grateful if you selected me for one of your two votes!

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Let’s Be the Change Together

I can’t win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, volunteering and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

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