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Together, let’s make Dania Beach

the best place to live, work and play.

My Top interests and initiatives that I will focus on should I be Elected to Office

About Me


Originally from Reno, Nevada, my mother was from El Salvador and my father was from Argentina. I appreciate how my life was positively influenced by growing up in a household where Spanish and English were fluidly spoken, and a rich mix of family and food added to the flavor.

During my earlier career, I was in the hospitality and tourism industry, managing hotel chains with Marriott and Embassy Suites in the San Francisco Bay area, Greenville, S.C., Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC. and South Florida. This experience eventually led me to start Staged Right Events, Inc., in Dania Beach where, for the past 24 years, I have been the owner/president of a full-service meeting, event, and conference planning company. I also started and operate “FETCHbranding, Inc.”, a boutique marketing and promotions company, and the “SRE Travel Club”, which offers unique member-based travel solutions for individuals and companies with our innovative and proprietary travel technology.

I chose public service as my way to give back by being involved in Dania Beach through local civic organizations, and by currently serving on City of Dania Beach boards such as: Vice Chair of the Planning and Zoning Board, Board member of the Dania Beach Housing Authority and Dania Beach Quality Housing Solutions, Secretary of the Dania Beach Employee Pension Board, and am proud to say that I was a past member of the Airport Advisory Board and City Charter Review Board. Why is this important? Your local government manages the services that affect  you every day – public safety, water, sewer, garbage collection, infrastructure, roads, traffic and how our city looks and feels.

Since 2001, I have lived in a subdivision called Natures Cove in southeast Dania Beach. I am a father, grandfather and small business owner. I am very proud to call Dania Beach my “forever” home. Like most small cities, Dania Beach has it’s share of challenges: Growth, traffic, affordable housing, infrastructure, good paying jobs, and the list goes on.

I believe that elected officials must work with each other to solve these issues, build vibrant, enduring neighborhoods and find ways to blend growth with responsible development. My commitment will be to you! I will listen and work with all Dania Beach residents and business owners on issues that matter to them. Together we can build trust in local government and make positive changes happen. This is why I am running to be your next Dania Beach City Commissioner.


Local Involvement

I encourage anyone to volunteer your time towards local initiatives, city boards and organizations or

attend these meetings so your voice can be heard.

Some of my current and recent city volunteer work include:

– Current Vice Chair Planning and Zoning

– Current Board Member Dania Beach Housing Authority

– Current Board Member Dania Beach Quality Housing Solutions

– Current Member Dania Beach Seniors Club

– Current Board Member Dania Beach Chamber of Commerce

– Current Member Dania Beach Lions Club

– Current Secretary Dania Beach Employee Pension Board

– Lifetime Member Dania Beach Library

– Past Member Dania Beach Airport Advisory Board

– Past President and Member Dania Beach Creative Art Council

– Past Member Dania Beach Charter Review Board


Did you know?

There are three (3) seats available for the Dania Beach City Commission in 2024. You have an opportunity to vote on Tuesday, November 5, 2024 for three City Commissioner Candidates. I would be honored and grateful if you select me for one of your three votes!

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Let’s Be the Change Together

We can’t win this race without your help. Hosting a meet and greet in your neighborhood, passing out flyers, word-of-mouth, volunteering, fund raising, are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

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